Wednesday, December 23, 2015

November and Disember Haul of 2015!!!

Assalamualaikum and hye guys!!
So, Im back! Im actually quite really excited to update my new entry.
Since its tooo long i been M.I.A for a reason.
So yeah! Let's get on actual entry!!

To be honestly, i really want to update every single pieces that i faces entire of my life.
But something keep me to not do that and think this would be awkward  i meant really awkward you know for someone whos been M.I.A. then make a comeback. XP
So i hope this Haul entry would be a treasure for me in future and ofcos my love one.. miahahahahah..

Disclaimer: If you a someone, who really dont like haul video and stuff like that. This entry/blog really not for you.
                                    Wani XOXO.

First thing that i got was baju kurung :

The red one from Jakel while the green from Gene Martino.
Both this was wear for my brother reception.

Actually i was thinking i want to wear red abaya but my dad bought this red baju kurung, so.

Then i bought a bunch of comic, biography, novel and stationary that all of that i bought using my own money except for Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Knew me, im not someone whos really like to read a novel (novel tipikal cinta melayu la, nyah XD) because i hate to had a feeling " you haven't finish it yet, but you already can guess what it will going on".blurghh...

Next, the things that i was bought on-line:

Benefit make-up kit with traveling pouch.
I tell you what, i really...realllllyyyy want this makeup brand so badly, and the time i saw this online it was on sale!! HAHHAHAHAH.... SO HAPPY ENDING YÁLL.

Next, makep up pouch with gold sequin. This sequin pouch also was my top list. I been searching like for a long time. You know, looking for a great price. To make sad, it was sale after i bought 
: 2 for RM 50 inc pos. :0

this is my very first time ever i use BBW prouduct. This i got from instagram online shop.

Victoria Secret also is first time ever i tried their product. At first time, i wanted to buy the strawberry one but currently it out of stock. But this Mango Temptation smell really nice. Knew me, im really dont like to wear a perfume everyday because i cant stand with smell. But this Mango Temptation really different. Higher RECOMMEND!!! Ohyeah you can got also, just check @lurve_victoriasecret on instagram. They selling authentic VS and BBW. Go and check em!!!

Next i got Furry Love from Nine West at SOGO KL. My review for this perfume was i thought it has two but then... gotcha!! HAHAHAHAHAH... The white box had strong smell that i dont very like it but when spray the perfume... it nice and strong... and last longer but not my fav. 

Last but not least, i bought this cutie mandarin tin from Crabtree and Evelyn,LONDON at SOGO. You know what, actually i really wanted to buy a christmas promotion from THE BODY SHOP but then i already spent RM 150 for this... so... muahahahah.. ohh didnt I say it is musical madarin tin with hand therapy lotion???!!

I love it all the smell and price for not to pricey because it on the sale (normal price RM 338!!), so how can i not buy it. And at the same time it like a reward for me this year, and yeah i bought this with using my own money. I worked. PERIOD.

So that all for this time. Thank you for reading my entry. May Allah SWT bless you. KEEP POSITIVE and LEFT NEGATIVE BEHIND YOU!!! Till thenn...

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